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Light Painting LED Decorative Piece - Add Artistic Charm to Your Space

Light Painting LED Decorative Piece - Add Artistic Charm to Your Space

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Illuminate your living space with the captivating allure of our Light Painting Decorative Piece. Designed to infuse artistic charm into any room, this exquisite creation is illuminated by stunning LED lighting, adding a touch of enchantment.

Key Features:

🎨 Artistic Charm: Each piece exudes a captivating aura, enhancing the ambiance of your living space with an artistic touch.

💡 Adjustable Illumination: Craft the perfect atmosphere with easily adjustable lighting options, setting the mood to your liking.

🔌 Frame Options: Choose between options featuring elegant wood frames or modern ABS frames, which exclusively offer rechargeable functionality along with an intuitive touch-sensitive button.

Effortless Touch-Sensitive Controls for ABS Frames: Turn the LED paintings on or off with a simple touch, adjust brightness (long press), and fine-tune color temperature (double tap) to create your desired ambiance.

🎛️ Versatile Display: Elevate your interior design by placing it on walls, tables, or any flat surface, seamlessly blending with your decor.

🎁 Thoughtful Gift: Surprise your loved ones with a unique and thoughtful gift, radiating warmth and creativity.

Product Details:

Crafted with care, our light paintings feature either solid wood frames or modern ABS frames. Each showcases exquisite design and customizable lighting options. Effortlessly find the ideal brightness and color temperature to complement any moment. Immerse yourself in the captivating radiance of these decorative pieces, available in two sizes: Small (17cm x 23cm / 6.7 inches x 9.1 inches) and Large (22cm x 31cm / 8.7 inches x 12.2 inches).

Technical Specifications:

Product Dimensions: Small: 17cm x 23cm (6.7 inches x 9.1 inches) / Large: 22cm x 31cm (8.7 inches x 12.2 inches)

Frame Options: Solid Wood Frame for plug-in versions, ABS Frame for plug-in and rechargeable versions

Product Material: Acrylic

Power Output: 3W

Power Source: USB for plug-in options, Rechargeable for wireless options with ABS frame

Indulge in the enchanting fusion of light and artistry with our Light Painting Decorative Piece. Infuse your living space with elegance, creativity, and charm, or share the gift of ambient wonder with your loved ones, crafting enduring memories.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Bjorn Furuknap
Perfect Girt - Amazing Customer Service

I ordered with a frame, ABS wireless. Once it arrived, there was a small issue that was easily fixed and likely just a result of improper handling during shipping, not a manufacturer's mistake. The image looks amazing and the recipient loves it!

I also want to point out that when I first ordered it, for shipping to Mexico, the package first got stuck and then, after inquiring about why it was taking so long, got lost. That is, it seemed like it was delivered, but with a wrong signature and a destination in a completely different location. This is likely due to the local last-mile shipper.

When I pointed this out to Moody Mouse, they immediately followed up, investigated, and having seen that the package was not delivered properly, sent a new product. The new delivery went smooth and was delivered on time and as expected.

To me, getting everything perfect is good, but what matters is that when things don't go perfect, that the company is able and wiling to resolve it. Moody Mouse did an incredible job on this, so I highly recommend both them, and the product, to anyone.

Elena Romanets
Just perfect

I expected It to be bigger but it is really beautiful and just like in pictures. My partner loved it

Absolutely Gorgeous

I love love love my painting. The quality is perfect. What more can I say ....<3

5-Star Experience

After seeing the TikTok, I couldn't resist getting one for myself. It's just as shown in the video, and I really like it. A big shout-out to the seller who has been incredibly supportive throughout the whole process!

Thomas E.

This is absolutely fantastic! It's not only visually appealing but also exudes a charming artistic vibe. I will definitely repurchase!