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Volcano Humidifier with Dual-Color Ambiance and Aromatherapy - Your Gateway to Tranquility

Volcano Humidifier with Dual-Color Ambiance and Aromatherapy - Your Gateway to Tranquility

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Introducing our Dual-Color Volcano Humidifier, a captivating fusion of modern technology and natural tranquility. This remarkable device not only elevates the humidity of your space but also creates an enchanting ambiance that will transport you to a world of serenity.

Key Features:

🌋 Dual-Color Ambiance: Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing dance of vibrant reds and blues, evoking the awe-inspiring beauty of volcanic eruptions. Our Dual-Color mode radiates a soothing, ethereal glow that transforms any room.

🔮 Remote Control Magic: Command relaxation from the comfort of your couch. With our user-friendly remote control, you can effortlessly customize settings to create the perfect atmosphere.

💨 Two Mist Modes: Enjoy two misting options that cater to your preferences - a gentle, high-volume mist that envelops your space in sheer comfort.

💧 Generous Capacity: With a substantial 360ml water reservoir, this humidifier runs for hours, ensuring your surroundings remain refreshingly hydrated.

🪄 Aromatherapy Oasis: Enhance your emotional well-being by infusing 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil into the water. Let the soothing aroma wash over you and transport you to a world of relaxation.

📐 User-Friendly Design: Effortless maintenance and refilling are at your fingertips thanks to the spacious water tank opening. Cleaning has never been more convenient.

🔥 Flame and Volcano Modes: Choose between the captivating Flame Mode or the enchanting Volcano Mode. These lighting modes combine with high-frequency ultrasonic technology and LED effects to create an oasis of calm.

Ultrasonic Excellence: Our device utilizes 2.4MHz high-frequency ultrasonic technology, which delicately transforms water into a mist that elegantly blankets your environment.


Dimensions: 138*138*108mm (5.43*5.43*4.25 inches)

Misting Capacity: Flame Mode: 20-30ml/h, Volcano Mode: 5-10ml/h

Power: 12W

Ultrasonic Frequency: 2.4MHz

Main Materials: ABS/PP/Electronic Components

Power Interface: DC 24V 0.5A

To ensure peak performance, always use the original adapter for power input, as using alternative adapters may impact the misting process or result in device damage. Maintain the water level below the Max water line in the tank to prevent overfilling and ensure a consistent mist production. We recommend cleaning the water tank at least once a week or every two weeks. If you notice a decrease in mist output or no mist, a damp cotton swab can be used to wipe away any residue or mineral buildup on the ultrasonic transducer to restore peak performance.

Elevate your surroundings with the Dual-Color Volcano Humidifier - a stylish, versatile addition that enhances your living space while promoting a soothing atmosphere. Immerse yourself in the gentle dance of light and mist. Order now and transform your space into a tranquil haven of relaxation and comfort, where every moment is infused with serenity.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Sarah F.
Autumn Essential

A must-have for the fall season, it looks particularly great. Customer service was very patient, and it's so compact that it doesn't take up much space. I really like it.


We already have several humidifiers at home, but this one stands out as the most visually appealing, and it comes at a great price!

A great gift

I bought this as a gift for a friend, and he loved it so much that I ended up getting one for myself too.

Zoey Nguyen
Great for gaming room

Perfect for placing in the gaming room, love it!


It's quite nice - it humidifies and relieves stress. I feel it's an excellent gift for friends.