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Pumpkin Silicone Pat Lamp - Relaxing Light, Sleep Timer, Soft Touch, Three Brightness Levels

Pumpkin Silicone Pat Lamp - Relaxing Light, Sleep Timer, Soft Touch, Three Brightness Levels

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Introducing the Gentle Pumpkin Silicone Pat Lamp, a heartwarming addition to your space, designed to create a cozy atmosphere and help you drift off into peaceful slumber. This innovative lamp offers a delightful tactile experience and three adjustable brightness levels to suit your preferences.

Key Features:

🎃 Soothing Warmth: Emitting a comforting and warm glow, this lamp is perfect for creating a relaxed ambiance in any room.

🌙 Sleep Timer: Set the timer for 30 minutes, and let the lamp gently fade as you fall asleep, ensuring a restful night without straining your eyes.

🍂 Soft Silicone Touch: Crafted from premium silicone, it provides a soft, skin-friendly texture that feels delightful to the touch.

✨ Three Brightness Levels: Easily adjust the brightness with a gentle tap, allowing you to customize the lighting to your liking.

🔋 Long-Lasting Battery: Equipped with a 500mAh high-capacity battery, it offers extended illumination for 4-6 hours on a single charge.

🌱 Environmentally Friendly: Made from eco-friendly materials, this lamp promotes a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

📱 Phone Stand Functionality: With its sturdy design, it can double as a convenient phone stand, making it versatile for various uses.

🔌 Type-C Charging: Recharge your lamp swiftly in just 2-3 hours via the Type-C USB port.


Rated Voltage: 5V

Power: 5W and below

Light Source: LED

Voltage: ≤ 36V

Product Material: ABS+Silicone

Product Dimensions: 95*95*84mm (3.74*3.74*3.31 inches)

Experience the warmth and versatility of the Pumpkin Silicone Pat Lamp. Let its gentle glow and soft touch transform your environment, creating a soothing atmosphere for relaxation and a perfect night's sleep. Order now and make this lamp your new bedside companion!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Alexa Vega

This is super adorable, and I absolutely love that cute, pouty expression on it!🥰


A unique little pumpkin

Outstanding Customer Service!

Great value for the price, and the customer service was very patient and helpful.

Perfect for kids!

It's a bit small, but it's super responsive, and the kids really love it.

A satisfying gift

I gave this as a gift to a friend, and she is very satisfied.